Build a Stronger Core
with Therapeutic Pilates

Prevention of injury is more important than rehabilitation for an existing injury. Therapeutic Pilates can slow down degenerative damage to the body. Emphasis on the 6 Pilates Principles of Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow combined with biomechanical analysis can be quickly learned with Veronica's descriptive verbal & tactile cues, mental imagery and repetition, repetition, repetition!  

Veronica has successfully practiced and taught Pilates to herself and her clients since 2003 and can confidently claim that Therapeutic Pilates has been one of the BEST rehabilitation and injury prevention "insurance" tools to use for the spine and overall physical health! 

power Pilates with props


Everyone is welcome to join the group Pilates Mat classes offered at Veronica Whetsel Integrative Physical Therapy. This class is perfect for injury prevention and health maintenance/wellness. Classes are 55 minutes long with less than 15 students. Veronica was trained in Classical Pilates and uses her therapeutic approach to combine both philosophies.


For those who feel more comfortable in a one-on-one setting, private Apparatus and Mat Pilates sessions are available. This process begins with a comprehensive Wellness Evaluation to review your past medical history to assess your baseline of health in order to create a safe wellness plan to achieve your desired goals. Your follow-up sessions will improve your confidence and fulfill your goals by increasing your core stability, improve body awareness, coordination, balance, flexibility and strength.

What is Therapeutic Pilates?

    The average consumer of Pilates (and yoga) has some kind of musculoskeletal issue that could be worsened if not taught under the supervision of an experienced Pilates teacher and orthopedic physical therapist. Veronica is able to recognize which movements are harmful or helpful for specific conditions such as hip arthritis, osteoporosis or spinal stenosis. Although she is “classically trained,” Veronica has omitted and modified specific Pilates & Yoga exercises that research has shown to increase risk of injury to the joints. She wants to educate her clients so they take self-responsibility no matter what Pilates class they may walk into.  


    Wellness Evaluation (75-90 minutes) $225

    Includes past medical history review, Functional Movement Assessment, stability, gait, balance, palpation, strength, and range of motion assessment, goal setting, wellness plan, and initial video home program. Wear comfortable clothing and layers. 

    Follow Up Sessions (55 minutes) $140

    Includes but is not limited to Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Pilates Mat/Reformer/Tower, Manual Therapy as needed, Individualized Home Program Progression.

    4 Private Follow Up Sessions (10% Discount) $504 

    8 Private Follow Up Sessions (15% Discount) $952 

    12 Private Follow Up Sessions (20% Discount) $1344 



    Pilates Mat Single Drop-In Class $30

    Pilates Mat 6 Pack Classes (10% Savings) $162

    Pilates Mat 12 Pack Classes (15% Savings) $306

    See for yourself how Therapeutic Pilates can change your life! 

    Contact Veronica Whetsel Integrative Physical Therapy today for any questions you have regarding private and group Pilates classes. 

    We look forward to seeing you soon!